Mining promotion taking YOU to the next level with OneCoin.
All Members can now mine OneCoin directly using their tokens! YOU do not need to wait for the split of your product package. This is an exclusive promotion that runs only until the 31stof May 2016.

Take your chance now and START mining the OneCoin today. Join the mining pools directly from your back office.

How does this work?

By submitting all your tokens to mining before the split, the company gives YOU as a valid OneCoin member a free of charge overdraft with tokens matching your package. YOU benefit from being able to mine OneCoin directly and still participate in the next split of the tokens.

Look at this example:

A starter package comes with FREE 1000 tokens in the product package. Normally this package would have to wait for the next split of tokens before it doubled in value, giving the package 2000 tokens and then submitting the tokens for mining to get maximum value from the package. Now this has all changed, the promotion creates the opportunity to start mining the 1000 tokens directly and the system provides a FREE overdraft of 1000 tokens. This means that when the split comes, the 1000 tokens in overdraft will split, hence you still participate in the split leaving your account with 1000 tokens as if you would have waited for the split before submitting to mining.

Join the mining soon – as the next mining difficulty is coming – after 43.2 Million coins are mined!
Please also take into account – if you tick the box “MINE AUTOMATICALLY” you mine at a preferential rate of 4 Tokens per coin! This is the best option available for anyone who wants to maximize the number of coins mined
The flowchart below illustrates an example of the whole procedure process:

Every account can split maximum 3 times. For example:


• You buy a starter package. It splits once. You upgrade to Tycoon. It will split two more times.
• You buy a Tycoon package. Account splits twice.
• You buy a starter package. It splits once. You upgrade to Trader. It will split again once. You upgrade to Tycoon – the account will split only once more, as every account can split up to maximum 3 times.
Your invite link is:
The promotion runs until 31st of May. After that, if you have no Tokens in your account, you will not qualify for a split and the number of Tokens will not be doubled.
Take action now and start mining today! Be sure to explain this promotion to your teams so they benefit too.

See you in the mining pools!


Where do I sign up for the mining? How do I mine?
You go to “Exchange”. Mining Menu. And on the lower left side you can sign up tokens for mining. You can choose the amount of tokens that you wish to mine. Or you can mine with all tokens
Do I need any special software to mine?
No, you just sign up on the mining dashboard on the exchange in your back office
How many OneCoins have been mined?
Please check the ticker on our website!
When will the mining difficulty increase?
It depends on the amount of coins mined. Please check the back office for more information
How many Coins can be mined per day
Per hour we can mine approximately 60.000 coins in all pools. This means 24 x 60,000= 1,440,000 OneCoins per day maximum
What does the Blockchain show?
How many OneCoins have been mined per block. And if any transactions happened.
What will happen to the Tokens “escrowed for Cryptocurrency”?
It depends on which package you are. All packages that are not Tycoon and have already split ONCE will go into mining on a certain date. This will be announced by the company, so you have time to upgrade your account if you wish to do so. All Tycoon packages that have split once will NOT go into mining, but the company will wait until they have split for a second time.

How often does an account split?
Every account can split up to 3 times. Example:

• You buy a starter package. It splits once. You upgrade to Tycoon. It will split two more times.
• You buy a Tycoon package. Account splits 2x
• You buy a starter package. It splits once. You upgrade to trader. It will split again once. You upgrade to tycoon – the account will split only once more, as every account can split up to maximum three times
Should I wait for a split before I mine?
Please stay tuned here. An exciting announcement will be made on Thursday!
How long do I have to wait until my coins are mined?
People are signed up and assigned to mining pools on a principle first come, first serve. Whenever a place is free you join a pool. If you sign up for mining, you can be 100% sure that your coins will be mined. Current waiting time is 2-4 das. But might change in future
When are coins in my account?
The mined coins are distributed once a day to the customer accounts. This happens around 24:00 GMT.
When does OneCoin trading start?
Currently there are not many coins mined. We will wait for appr. 3 months from first day of mining, until some more coins are mined and trading can happen. We expect trading to start beginning of May
How many Tokens do I need to mine ONE OneCoin 5 Tokens. Unless you sign up for service “Mine Automatically”. Then you can mine at 4 Tokens per coin.
What does ‘Mine automatically’’ mean?
Mine automatically gives you a preferential rate for mining. Normally mining for OneCoin is 5 Tokens per coin. If you subscribe to the service “mine automatically” you can mine the coin cheaper. If you tick the box “Mine automatically” you are subscribed for this service for three months.
You can also subscribe ALL existing tokens for 4 Tokens/Coin while you tick the box
How can I mine for 4 Tokens per coin?
Tick the box “mine automatically”. This gives you a preferential rate for mining.

Business card templates

Members have asked us for business card templates which they can download and take to their printer. We have designed an elegant solution which even has the opportunity for you to include your QR code (like a bar code address for your unique website URL – those who have Line or WeChat apps will know how to scan this). There are full instructions on how to obtain your unique QR and take the files to your printer. Just log in to your back office and go to the downloads section.

 YouTube Channel

The most recent webinars are uploaded to our dedicated YouTube channel, being replaced with updated ones as necessary.

FaceBook page

Make sure you ‘Like’ our page and get all your team to do likewise so that the information gets added to your wall and timeline.

OneCoin Strategy for the US market:
Dear Members, we have been taking legal advise on the market entry in the USA. Apparently there are some changes that need to be made to our compensation model and packages to be compliant in all US States. Therefore we will restrict registrations from the USA for the next weeks – and will launch a special program in the USA. All of you who are interested to develop the market there and would like to start signing members up – please contact us at !

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