Autovindecarea începe din creier prin forţa minţii

Autovindecarea începe din creier prin forţa minţii

Recunoaşterea şi descoperirea puterii de autovindecare

Programele din creier determină manifestarea corpului emoţional, iar de fiecare dată când apare un sentiment de plâns, mânie, fericire, stres, este ca şi cum intrăm într-un ciclu emoţional. Ciclul emoţional este creat de apariţia din mediul exterior a ceva ce ne scoate din confortul obişnuit, de zi cu zi, care parcă apasă pe nişte butoane roşii…citeşte mai mult

Puterea prezentului – Cel mai mare obstacol în calea iluminarii

Puterea prezentului - Cel mai mare obstacol în calea iluminarii

Nu suntem totuna cu mintea noastră 

Cel mai mare obstacol în calea iluminării. Ce este iluminarea? Un cerşetor stătea la marginea unui drum de mai bine de 30 de ani. Într-o zi, trecu pe acolo un străin. „Te înduri să-mi dai un ban?”, murmură mecanic cerşetorul, întinzându-i vechea lui şapcă de baseball. “Nu am nimic să-ţi dau”, spuse străinul. „Dar pe ce eşti aşezat?”, întrebă acesta. „Un gunoi”, răspunse cerşetorul. „E doar o cutie veche. Stau pe ea de când mă ştiu”. „Te-ai uitat vreodată înăuntru?”, întrebă străinul. „Nu”, răspunse cerşetorul. „Ce rost are? Nu e nimic în ea”. „Uită-te înăuntru”, insistă străinul. Cerşetorul reuşi să ridice puţin capacul. Şocat, nevenindu-i să creadă, văzu că toată cutia era plină cu aur...citeşte mai mult

Geneza uitată – vremurile stravechi ale creatiei

Geneza uitată - vremurile stravechi ale creatiei


Imaginea a devenit mai detaliata, focalizandu-se in jurul unor dealuri, intr-o vale. Zona individualizata se afla in partea de jos a peninsulei Sinai. Spre deosebire de desertul care exista astazi, pe atunci regiunea era acoperita de o vegetatie bogata.

Imaginile au aratat apoi, in acea vale, o primata mare, o maimuta mai evoluata, bipeda. Am remarcat ca trasaturile faciale si cele ale craniului erau diferite fata de cele ale unei maimute obisnuite. Acea fiinta bipeda primitiva facea parte dintr-un grup nu prea mare de indivizi, care se deplasa din loc in loc. Din cate am putut sa-mi dau seama, ea parea sa fie conducatorul grupului, deoarece directiona celelalte fiinte spre anumite locuri in care isi cautau hrana.

Tot ceea ce mi se arata in imagini era insotit de un semn specific, care aparea in drepul unei fiinte, a unui obiect sau a unei zone. Desi nu cunosteam semnificatia acelor semne, de cele mai multe ori ea era sugestiva, in sensul ca indica directia asupra careia trebuia sa imi indrept in mod special atentia. De pilda, in imaginea din holograma semnul indica pe conducatorul acelui grup de fiinte, pulsand si avand culoarea rosie.

Mai tirziu aveam sa inteleg ca atunci cand “semnalizarea” avea astfel de caracteristici, fiinta sau lucrul indicat erau foarte importante in contextul situatiei care era prezentata. In alte cazuri, semnul putea sa fie static si sa fie altfel colorat… citeşte mai mult


Kabbala Denudata The Kabbalah Unveiled

Kabbala Denudata The Kabbalah Unveiled

Material science would appear to be spiritualizing itself and occult science to be materializing itself. If not clasping hands, they are certainly making tentative attempts in that direction. The Ancient Wisdom, the Sacred Books, taught. that we cannot understand Matter without understanding Spirit, that we cannot understand Spirit without understanding Matter.

That Matter and Spirit are only opposite poles of the same universal substance. All through the Kabalah runs this axiom: “that Malkuth is in Kether, that Kether is in Malkuth.” The same idea is repeated through the Gnostic teaching: “the earth that is in the heaven, the heaven that is in the earth.”

Religion has its word, science its promises and demonstrations, philosophy its systematized theories, art its creations and ideals, and yet these in their fundamental separations fall short of that Synthetical ideal which the Spirit of Humanity unceasingly demandsread more

The Kabala Of Numbers – Aryans and Greeks, Assyrians and Egyptians

The Kabala Of Numbers - Aryans and Greeks, Assyrians and Egyptians

The science of numbers is of remotest antiquity.

Among the Aryans and Greeks, the Assyrians and Egyptians, we find indications of a development which gave to numbers their real significance and employed them in a system of symbolism which had respect to something more than mere enumeration.

While it is true that a figure is a symbol denoting a quantity, it is also a fact that a quantity thus symbolised may denote much more than a mere number, as we may learn from chemical analysis, where two bodies consisting of an equal number of atoms of the same elements are of an entirely different chemical nature.

This is the case as between phenylisocyanide and benzonitrile. But here we have a difference in the arrangement of the atoms, the single atom of nitrogen being active in the one and passive in the other molecule.

The position serves, however, for a general thesis whichregards all bodies as compounded of elements drawn from a single base, their specific differences being due to the domination of one over another element in them… read more

Star in the West

Star in the West

A Critical Essay Upon the Works of Aleister Crowley

AT first sight it may appear to the casual reader of this essay, that the superscription on its cover is both froward and perverse, and contrary to the sum of human experience. This however I trust he will find is not the case, and, as Ianthe, will discover that after the mystic union has been consummated, the beautiful daughter of Ligdus and Telethusa was as acceptable a young husband as ever wooed nymph on the shaded slopes of Ida.

Much has been written concerning stars, both terrestrial and celestial, and not a little regarding that capricious star which gleamed over the humble manger-bed of the Son of Man… read more

Mediumship And Its Laws

Mediumship And Its Laws

Its Conditions And Cultivation

By common consent Modern Spiritualism dates from the 31st of March 1848. It was then that questions were first asked and intelligent answers given by means of rappings. The Fox family living in an humble house in the obscure village of Hydesville, N. Y., had been disturbed by strange noises for successive nights, but on the evening of the 31st, after they had retired, the disturbances became excessively annoying. At length it was found by the children that the sounds would respond to their request. This was a new order of things, for ghosts usually stand and silently gaze on the beholder, and disappear at the first word addressed to them… read more

Some Glimpses of Occultism

Some Glimpses of Occultism

Many persons who feel themselves attracted towards Theosophy, whose interest is aroused by its reasonableness and by the manner in which it accounts for many things which otherwise seem inexplicable, yet hesitate to take up its study more deeply, lest they should presently find it contradicting the faith in which they have been brought up – lest, as they often put it, it should take away from them their religion.

How, if a religion be true, the study of another truth can take it away, is not clear; but, however illogical the fear may be, there is no doubt that it exists. It is nevertheless unwarranted, for Theosophy neither attacks nor opposes any form of religion; on the contrary, it explains and harmonizes all… read more

The Corpus Hermetica-Enoch was the first who invented books

The Corpus Hermetica-Enoch was the first who invented books

Enoch was the first who invented books and different sorts of writing. The ancient Greeks declare that Enoch is the same as Mercury Trismegistus [Hermes], and that he taught the sons of men the art of building cities, and enacted some admirable laws…He discovered the knowledge of the Zodiac, and the course of the Planets; and he pointed out to the sons of men, that they should worship God, that they should fast, that they should pray, that they should give alms, votive offerings, and tenths. He reprobated abominable foods and drunkenness, and appointed festivals for sacrifices to the Sun, at each of the Zodiacal Signs… read more

New Revelation and Vital Message

New Revelation and Vital Message

A celebrated Psychic, Mrs. Piper, uttered in the year 1899 words which were recorded by Dr. Hodgson at the time. She was speaking in trance upon the future of spiritual religion, and she said: “In the next century this will be astonishingly perceptible to the minds of men. I will also make a statement which you will surely see verified. Before the clear revelation of spirit communication there will be a terrible war in different parts of the world. The entire world must be purified and cleansed before mortal can see, through his spiritual vision, his friends on this side and it will take just this line of action to bring about a state of perfection. Friend, kindly think of this.” We have had ” the terrible war in different parts of the world.” The second half remains to be fulfilled….read more

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