THE babe is a symbol of a new-born universe; it’s first breath represents the breath of God as He breathes upon the face of the waters and its first cry the music of the voice of God, the sound of the Creative Word. The first breath and cry of the babe are the divine messages which he brings from God to man. The babe comes straight from the Creator; he is a messenger of God, the most heavenly thing on earth and nearest of all things to the Divine. The babe comes from the past and passes through the mother’s womb on his way to the future. At birth, the past shines all about him, as the glory of the setting sun; the future he holds in his hands. Past, present and future form the trinity of his Godhead. The babe is born in order to unite the past, present and future. The goal of every human life is to know past, present and future as one; to the fulfilment of this destiny everything must be subordinated… read more