Kabbala Denudata The Kabbalah Unveiled

Kabbala Denudata The Kabbalah Unveiled

Kabbala Denudata The Kabbalah Unveiled

Material science would appear to be spiritualizing itself and occult science to be materializing itself. If not clasping hands, they are certainly making tentative attempts in that direction. The Ancient Wisdom, the Sacred Books, taught. that we cannot understand Matter without understanding Spirit, that we cannot understand Spirit without understanding Matter.

That Matter and Spirit are only opposite poles of the same universal substance. All through the Kabalah runs this axiom: “that Malkuth is in Kether, that Kether is in Malkuth.” The same idea is repeated through the Gnostic teaching: “the earth that is in the heaven, the heaven that is in the earth.”

Religion has its word, science its promises and demonstrations, philosophy its systematized theories, art its creations and ideals, and yet these in their fundamental separations fall short of that Synthetical ideal which the Spirit of Humanity unceasingly demandsread more

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